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Class 2 (2013 - 2016)


Hamidreza Attar

Modeling 3D Crack Coalescence and Percolation with the XFEM and Level Sets

Hadrien Bainier

Modelization and Computation of Composite Structure

Eléna Barbarella

Towards a Mechanical Characterisation of Manufacturing Defects in Thermoplastic Composites

Mainak Bhattacharyya

Innovative Concepts on Micro-Mechanically Based Modeling Approaches and Sophisticated Computational Techniques for High-Cycle Fatigue

Maxime Blanchard

A non-intrusive global/local method for low cycle fatigue computations on hot aeronautical structures

Mattéo Capaldo

An Approximation Framework Dedicated to PGD Based Non-Linear Solver

Amaury Courard

Virtual Chart Concept in Computational Structural Mechanics

Nicolas Courrier

Coupling Partially Converged Data and a Multiparametric Strategy for the Optimisation of Assemblies

Guillaume Guguin

Non-Intrusive Coupling between 2D and 3D Models of Composite Structures

Ayan Haldar

Multi-stable Morphing Structures

Maxime Jessus

PGD Virtual Charts for Damping Prediction in Space Launchers in Uncertain Environment

Dr. Luc Laurent

Virtual Element Method Applied to Contact Problems

Christina Lienstromberg

Modelling and Analysis of MEMS with General Permittivity Profile

Dominik Lindner

Modelisation and Simulation of Turbomachine Disk Burst

Victoria Lovis

Micro-Mechanically Based Modeling of Degradation of Composite Materials with Random Microstructure

Milena Möhle

Concepts for Chemical Degradation of Materials and Structures

Jin Man Mok

Homogenization Procedures for Coupled Thermo-Chemo-Mechanical Problems

Pierre Nargil

PGD Approach for Low Frequency Dynamics Problems Involving Localized Non-Linearities

Nima Noii

Multiphysics Homogenization Schemes for Microstructured Interfaces

Enrico Obert

A Micro-Meso Bridge for the Mesoscale Modelling of Woven Composites

Paul Oumaziz

Non intrusive mixed domain decomposition method for parallel computation

Sayed Mahmoud Pezeshki

3D Dynamic Fracture in Heterogeneous Media

Valentin Priasso

Multi-Scale Modelisation of the Fracture Mechanisms in the New Generation of Composite Laminate

Valentine Rey

Driving Iterative Domain Decomposition  Solver By Objective Of Accuracy On Quantity Of Interest

Guillaume Rosenzveig

Modelisation and Simulation in Structures Computation for Tolerancing and Assistance in Assembling of Large and Flexible Aeronautical Parts

Muhammad Sadiq Sarfaraz

Stochastic Non-Local Material Models of Irreversible Behaviour

Henrik Schulze

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Forming Processes with Sandwich Plates Composed of a Sheet Metal Outer Skin and a Continuous Unidirectional Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Core

Marie-France Soulé de Lafont

A Finite Element Connector based on Design Parameters for the Simulation of Bolted Assemblies

Matthieu Vitse

A Time-Space-Parameters PGD for Nonlinear Computations

Lars Oliver Wolf

Process Adapted Dual Phase Steels